Maintanence Packages:

In today’s ever increasingly wired world it is critical that your businesses IT processes are functioning at 100%. What would it cost you and your company in lost productivity, sales and reputation if your network or PC’s were to ‘go down’??

We are more reliant on Computers and other electronic equipment than ever before. Most people just expect it just to keep working day in day out. Most of us know that the opposite is likely to be true unfortunately. How many times have you or your business come to a grinding halt when your computer or the network crashes?

Between user error, faulty hardware, viruses, power surges, general wear and tear, faulty cabling, internet outages, malicious hacking etc most people realise that your average computer network is a fragile object.

Most people/companies get caught in a vicious cycle of ‘crisis care’. This means you regularly lurch from one crisis to another calling your IT support people only when bad things happen. From the time the problem occurs to the time your IT Support people actually fix the problem is time and money that you are loosing! Now multiply that by every problem you have with your IT infrastructure and it adds up to a lot of time and money wasted every year.

Simmons Solutions, as an IT Support Company to the SME market, knows exactly how important it is to YOUR business to keep these critical components of your day to day operations up and running. Our proven experience has allowed us to devise a regular maintenance schedule that is customized to every client’s unique IT infrastructure to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Regular maintenance tasks include: Ensuring that all PCs/Servers are 100% protected from viruses and are constantly up to date, ensuring all PC’s/Servers have the latest patches and updates for their operating systems, ensuring all backups are working 100% and perform restores of backed up data, perform cleaning of backup devices, check all event/error logs to catch problems early, check all firewall logs to ensure security of the network, perform cleanups and disk maintenance on all PCs/Servers, Check Network infrastructure i.e. Switches/Hubs/Cabling. This is only a sample of what we can do as a preventative measure.

Even the best maintained system will still have problems on occasion, which is why as a Maintenance Client you will also be eligible for a set number of discounted service hours per month as well!

Call us today to arrange a free site inspection and evaluation of your IT network, wether it be a small peer-to-peer network or a multi-site, multi-server environment. Upon and inspection we will forward to you a complete customized maintenance plan for your company at no obligation.

We look forwarding to hearing from you soon!



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